5th Annual Charity Bowling Tournament 2006

Sponsored by Essian Construction LLC

The Richard Shassian Foundation
Fed Id #26-1710588

Mission Statement

In a Society driven by “speed” and “how much” it seems as if we try to get anything and everything done in order that everything in life must be accomplished “now”. While losing touch with what that real purpose in life should be, so many of us have been blessed by God and sometimes forget the miracles surrounding us. The Essian Annual Charity Bowling Event is essentially a “time out” in our daily lives to acknowledge our miracles and our gratitude so that we can share with the less fortunate.

Children are this miracle and beyond our control some do not share our daily comforts that at times we do not appreciate. Our mission is providing a little extra support to these children and their agencies with which we are associated. Children are out future.

Richard Shassian