Essian Construction

"Build it per plans and specs, build it on time, build it with quality"

With its corporate offices located in Central Florida, Essian Construction extends to all regions of Florida. Although Essian’s primary focus is currently the Development and Construction of Residential communities, Essian also has an extensive background in the development and construction of commercial properties, residential and commercial remodeling, and exclusive custom home building. Today, Essian has constructed and completed over $400,000,000 million dollars which includes $90,000,000 million dollars of bonded work. This year alone Essian is underway with $87,000,000 million dollars in sales.

Within Central Florida, Essian Construction has been committed to producing diverse charitable events focused on raising funds for selected charities dedicated to the well-being of disadvantaged children within our community. Children are our future and it is essential to do our part in supporting the organizations that are making a difference.

Essian is also proud to partner with one of its sister companies, Deep South Lacrosse. DSL has a deep foundation in Central Florida lacrosse and is devoted to not only growing the sport of lacrosse but making it accessible for all demographics. One of the ways this goal is being achieved is through the vision and implementation of an indoor “box” facility that has become an essential need for field space. DSL is also making unparalleled strides towards the creation, manufacturing and distribution of more affordable youth protective gear and equipment.