Oak Villages

Essian Construction is proud to invite you to bid the our new project known as Oak Village. This 120 unit, 5 buildings and Clubhouse is the 1st phase of the project on a 9 acre site off Crystal Ave in FT Myers Florida.

We have provided plans based on our previous project called Millennium using
(3) type 1 buildings and (2) type 2 buildings.

Please use all fixtures, hardware and finishes from Millennium project as

*Note to Framer we are deleting the trellises on this project.

If you were not involved with Millennium project A full set of plans are on
our website at essianconstruction.com go to plans room for details and


S-1 units 10
A-1 units 40
A-1S units 12
B-1 units 36
B-1s units 6
C-1 units 16

Total 120 units with 30 Garages.