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Essian Lacrosse

Empire Lacrosse Organization (ELO) is a Central Florida based lacrosse team comprised of the area’s top youth talent in the sport of lacrosse. We look for hard working players with a strong work ethic that are driven to be the best both on the field and in their everyday lives.

At Empire Lacrosse, we believe in providing our kids an opportunity to further improve on their existing lacrosse skills and take their commitment to the sport beyond structured, seasonal play. We have focused on building an organization that will continue the education and coaching that our players get from their local club teams while providing them an environment where they can compete and test their skills against the region’s top elite organizations.

Empire Lacrosse realizes the dedication and commitment that our players have made and our commitment back is to provide the highest level of coaching and training available. Our staff spans nearly 5 decades of lacrosse experience, and has enlisted two of today’s hottest Major League Lacrosse stars.

At Empire Lacrosse, we believe that the skills and lessons learned here will carry through in each of our player’s lives and we take that responsibility seriously.

Essian Lacrosse Essian Lacrosse